About Us


Who we are and what we do


We are a company that offers a vast level of experience in many different scopes of the construction industry.  We began our business in 1985 with remodeling jobs in kitchens and bathrooms, basements, garages, decks, and custom home building.    We have since evolved into the commercial end of construction, we work with larger General Contractors in the area as part of the rough framing and finishing team on their jobsite.  We have helped complete Doctors offices, and office buildings, Strip stores, Churches, Car dealerships and a number of Retirement Communities just to name a few.

We feel that the variety of experiences we have puts us in a unique situation.  Because of our humble beginnings we can offer the art of custom building workmanship and work ethic to each job that we are on.  We are equally comfortable taking the lead on a project, or being part of a team, following another's lead. Our experience has given us opportunity to see the job from all sides. Because we can visualize the job from start to finish, we feel a greater appreciation from the people and companies we work with and for.

The majority of our work now is in the commercial field, but we still do a number of residential jobs each year, and enjoy working with the homeowner, helping them to see their dream become a reality.

Over the years we have had tremendous opportunity to work on some really unique jobs. We completed a deck on the roof of a 17 floor apartment building in Rittenhouse Square, custom basements, and a spectacular home theatre in the Bux-Mont area.

Another aspect that helps us here at James K. Swartley Builder stand apart from others is the continuity and loyalty of our work team. We have solid leadership in all aspects of the company, and we have quality carpenters, following the lead of quality foreman. We credit our success to the hard work and dedication of our employees, whose years of service range from one year to thirty years of service. 

We feel that the most important thing for the completion of a quality job and successful project is communication, no matter if the job is large or small.  Knowing expectations and bringing the residential customer or job super and project manager along with our thought process helps them to understand our philosophy and approach to their project , and that certainly helps us to meet their expectations.

Our Goals are:  To complete each job on time while giving you "The customer"  a quality job.

We like to learn every day and grow every day, while showing respect to everyone that we come in contact with.

MISSION STATEMENT:  : We would like to acknowledge our great faith and appreciation to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, for without him we would be nothing. Without him our commitment to a quality job "for you" would be less than you deserve.  Col 3:23~  Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for man.   In God we trust.